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Andorra La Vella - Andorra

Another wall in Andorra. Photo: O. Beca

Another wall in Andorra. Photo: O. Beca

The greatest challenge facing Top30 doing this installation was to adapt it to the space allocated for the wall and make it fit round doors, ventilation shafts etc and still produce a useful climbing surface.
The climbing wall has a width of 7,5 meters and a height of 5,8 and is made with the use of Top panels, our sturdy friction coated plywood panels with forms. The total climbable surface is approximately 60 m2 and 400 bolt on holds from our HD-collection have been used to create routes of various difficulty.

The installation is not first and foremost intended for (ordinary) climbing. The wall does not incorporate hangers and as such it is a 'top-roping wall' only and an installation to practice various rope techniques, abseiling.....and as an instrument for getting fit.
Technical File

Climbable surface: 60 m2
Height: 5,80 m
Width/length: 7,5 m
Panel: Top with forms
Number of holds: 400
Address: Parque de Bomberos
Location: Andorra la Vella
Contact phone; + 376 723000

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