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Encamp - Andorra

The cute Encamp climbing wall. Photo: Xavi Molas

The cute Encamp climbing wall. Photo: Xavi Molas

Our new produce, the Top Wave panels have received a great welcome and are craved in more and more installations - so also in this wall created for a school in Andorra. Even though the dimensions of this artificial climbing structure are not of gigantic proportions, it is certainly a nice beginning with ample space for extensions. The installation is 3 meters wide, has a height of 6 meters, which in total offers something like 30 m2 of varied climbing surface. We have delivered around 300 holds including some of our new iholds. Top30 has also provided the necessary amount of climbing gear for the students to start using the facility.
Technical File

Climbable surface: 25 m2
Height: 6 m  
Width: 3 m
Panel: Top Wave
Number of holds: 300
Location: Encamp
Contact phone: +376 844781

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