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General information

The IFSC Speed Wall is produced by Top30 and is ready for easy installation anchored directly to a concrete wall or using a scaffolding system as a substructure.
IFSC set in 2007 out to establish a common standard and uniformity for speed climbing walls, i.e. always the same measures, inclination and placement of the particular holds designed specifically for speed climbing. This is obviously the only passable solution in order to set, register and compare records.
There are 2 options; the highest wall is 15 meters and includes 31 holds (11 small and 20 large) while the smaller option is 10 meters and is equipped with 20 holds (8 small and 12 large). Another parameter or defined characteristic emphasized by the IFSC is the colour of the walls, which is restricted to a very limited number of RAL codes. Obviously in order to give the athletes, wherever they may compete, equal conditions - just like on a certified track & field course.

Panels are manufactured strictly in compliance with IFSC requirements and may be offered fireproof and/or water resilient (for outdoor use). A Top30 industrial engineer will meticulously calculate loads and dimensions obtaining a completely foolproof metallic structure. As an option we offer hot-dipped galvanized steel for use in humid environments. We emphasize that Top30 climbing walls are produced under the ISO9001:2000 quality label and following the European standard UNE EN 12572.

Technical File

Height: 10 or 15 meters
Width: 3 + 3 meters
Inclination: 5º

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